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Published date: 12 June 2023

Finally, the season of ice creams, beach days and soaking up the sunshine is here. Summer can certainly bring a lot of joy; however, it is important to remember how dangerous this time of year can be for us and our pets.  

To help everyone have a safe summer, here are some top tips for keeping your dog cool during the warmer months.


1. Keep Dogs Hydrated!  

It can be so easy for both us and our dogs to not drink enough during the hot summer days.  

Ensure your pooch always has fresh drinking water available to them and carefully monitor how much they are drinking.   

If your dog is sometimes reluctant to drink water or you want to hydrate them more, try increasing the level of wet food you give them. Our Gourmet Sausages can be easily mixed into their Fresh Pressed™.  

Remember it is most essential to keep your dog hydrated during walks…    


2. Don’t Overexercise!

Some dogs will cope better in the heat than others, however you should always be cautious when walking your dog during the summer.

Firstly, remember to avoid heavy exercise such as running or cycling with your pooch. Take frequent rest breaks and bring plenty of water for both you and your pet.  

The best time to walk is going to be early morning or late evening when the temperature is cooler. Always avoid the hottest times of day, your dog is likely to overheat and remember pavements can burn paws.  

However sometimes it is simply too hot to consider a walk with your dog. In 2022, the UK experienced the highest temperatures on record. With this summer likely to experience similar highs, the safest thing to do is to keep your dog inside.   


3. Create Cool Enriching Games at Home

Our furry friends don’t always need walks to keep entertained. There is plenty you can do to create enrichment right at home.  

Fill up a Doggy Cool Pool or turn on the hose/ sprinkler for some good old-fashioned splashing! Any water-based game is going to help stave off the heat and is always guaranteed to entertain your dog.    

Ice cubes are also a brilliant resource during the summer and not just for our cocktails….  

Add some ice cubes to your dog’s water dishes to keep them cooler or give your pooch some ice cubes to play with. Ice Cubes are perfectly safe for keeping your relaxed dog cool in summer. However, in the event of overheating these should be avoided, and veterinary attention sought immediately.  

Another easy enrichment technique is to try scatter feeding in the garden or in your house. Sniffing out tasty Tribal Rewards in the grass is a fabulous way to keep your dog mentally and physically occupied.  

For some more game inspiration, Max from MK9Plus has written a guide to creating an enriching DIY dog puzzle, check it out here.  

For more ideas on how to combine fun, food and keeping cool, head over to our Fun Feeding Blog.    


4. Keep your Dog Groomed.

Grooming goes a long way in keeping your dog cool and comfortable during the summer months. Dogs with longer or thicker fur are very susceptible to overheating and so will require extra help during the warmer months.  

Regular grooming will help remove the loose undercoat, which allows air to flow easier between the skin and the topcoat. This will keep dogs much cooler and reduce itching and discomfort.  


5. Provide Cool Environments

Our houses are typically built to retain heat, which means just being indoors during hot summer days isn’t enough to prevent overheating. The trick is to try and keep the rooms you and your dog are in as cool as possible. Firstly, remember to pull the curtains shut and as much as it sounds counterproductive, during the hottest times of the day close the windows. This is because hot air will then be circulating your room.  

Instead focus on getting air in during the coolest times, so early morning and late evening. Another tip is to place a cool wet sheet over the window to help make air cooler as it enters the room. If you are lucky enough to have a fan, place an ice box in front of the stream of air.  

Make sure the room is well shaded and avoid putting your dog in a conservatory or an overexposed room.  

We hope you safely enjoy the hotter days and get a chance to relax with your canine companions this summer.

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