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4 Ways to Fix Hit & Miss Recall

Published date: 31 January 2024

For dog owners, hit and miss recall can be both frustrating and anxiety-inducing. Walks shouldn't be dictated by chance but should instead offer moments of leisure and bonding. If you find yourself battling with this issue, here's a guide to understanding unpredictable recall, full lessons are on


1. Addressing Frustration

The Root of Desperation:
Many dogs are innately frustrated. This makes them desperate to chase every scent or dog they come across. Understanding and addressing this pent-up energy is crucial. They often feel this way because they aren't provided the right outlets to expend their energy.


2. The Significance of Vet Checks

Health Matters:
A lot of dogs manifest behavioural issues due to underlying health concerns. Hyperactivity can sometimes be a symptom of issues such as stomach problems. Ensuring regular vet checks can rule out medical causes for erratic behaviour.


3. Understanding Your Dog's Window

Beyond Walks:
It's a common misconception that walks alone provide everything a dog needs. This can be the case for some breeds but, only if you can walk them enough. A couple hours a day outside is great but, if we rely solely on this, we inadvertently train them to "empty the tank" during this short period. Incorporating quality enrichment and offering various outlets at home can balance their energy and reduce their desperation once outdoors.


4. The Diet's Influence

Food Fuels Behaviour:
The composition and ingredients in a dog's diet can profoundly impact their behaviour. Some foods can spike their dopamine levels, leading to hyperactive states. Understanding the dietary impacts can help mitigate some behavioural issues.


A Personal Journey with Enzo

When I embarked on my dog training journey, a mentor once told me a phrase that stuck - "If a dog’s recall is hit and miss, their walks are simply dictated by luck. Recall is the only thing dogs need, everything else can be unreliable, but it’s typically the other way around” This resonated deeply when I rescued my 4-year-old at the time street dog, Enzo. With his hyperactive and often distant demeanour, recall training was a challenge. However, by addressing his obsessions, hyperactivity and other behavioural/ mental issues, within a mere 30 days, he was off lead with a human for the first time in his life.


The Importance of Reliable Recall

Recall isn't just a trick; it's the one essential skill every dog needs. And while it should be the most reliable behaviour, often, it's not and there’s nothing more dangerous. Hit & miss recall isn't just a minor inconvenience; it’s a silent threat.


Want to know the other things that affect recall?

To further delve into understanding your canine companion and ensuring their well-being, I invite you to explore the resources at Don't let yourself drift in to the slowly sinking ship of repetitive training, in the hopes it starts working. Anchor your bond with knowledge and understanding.