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Introducing Tribal Dental Sticks: Revolutionise Your Dog’s Dental Health

Published date: 21 May 2024


Did you know that by age three, nine out of ten dogs show signs of periodontal disease?

According to the Royal Veterinary College, dental disease is one of the most common clinical conditions affecting dogs in the UK today. To combat this, we at Tribal have developed a groundbreaking solution we're excited to share with you.


A Groundbreaking Approach to Dental Care

Our new Dental Sticks for dogs aren't just another chew toy. They are a scientifically formulated solution for your dog’s dental health, featuring a proprietary blend, PhytoDent™. This unique combination includes sustainably harvested seaweed extracts Ascophyllum nodosum and Fucus vesiculosus, along with potent marine antioxidants, vitamins, and minerals, designed to promote oral health from all angles.


Dual-Action Formula for Maximum Effectiveness

Unlike typical dental sticks that rely solely on the mechanical action of chewing, Tribal Dental Sticks do more. Yes, their firm yet flexible texture and ridges help scrub away plaque through natural chewing action—think of it as a toothbrush designed especially for your dog. But the real magic lies in the PhytoDent™ blend, which works to prevent the growth of plaque-forming bacteria. So not only does it reduce plaque, but it also acts to reduce the likelihood of plaque coming back! Together, these mechanisms provide a comprehensive dental care approach, ensuring cleaner, shinier teeth and healthier gums.


Backed by Science, Trusted by Pet Owners

Our commitment to natural, effective pet care comes from our founder, Fatima Maktari, a scientist who believes in the power of natural ingredients.

In a field study with 32 diverse dogs, more than 73% of owners reported visible improvements in their dogs' dental health after just three months of regular use. These results confirm the efficacy of our PhytoDent™ blend in combating plaque and promoting overall oral health.


Commitment to Natural Ingredients

At Tribal, we believe that nature offers the best solutions. That's why our Dental Sticks are made with all-natural and vegan ingredients like peppermint powder for fresh breath, coconut oil for healthy gums, and Irish seaweed for its natural plaque-fighting properties. Available in both small and large sizes, there’s a perfect fit for every dog.


Safe and Suitable for All Dogs

From puppies to seniors, all dogs can enjoy the benefits of our Dental Sticks. They are safe for puppies aged six months and older, once their adult teeth have come in. Always supervise your pets during chew sessions to ensure safety.


Join the Tribe!

We're excited to hear about your experiences with our Dental Sticks. Share your stories and photos on Facebook, Instagram, and TikTok using #TribalDentalSticks, and let us know how your furry friends are enjoying their new chews.