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Tribal Gourmet Sausages VS Chub Dog Food

Published date: 04 March 2024

Dogs have been faithfully by our sides for thousands of years. However, it has only been in the last 70 years that more attention has been paid to their nutritional needs.

Complete wet food has always been a popular choice for dogs, one of the earliest diets used was the classic Chub dog food roll. This processed meat sausage is still available today; however, we believe our dogs deserve something tastier and infinitely more nutritious.

Our 80% Gourmet Sausages are the modern premium alternative to retro and lower quality Chub Dog Food. So, here are four reasons to try tasty Tribal over those outdated Chub rolls.

1) Complete Nutrition

Many companies offer cheap chub dog food sausages; however, many are not nutritionally complete. Complementary foods are designed to only make up 10-20% of your dog’s daily diet. This means many cheap wet dog foods should only be considered a treat.

Our entire 80% Gourmet Sausage pate range is both complete and suitable for all life stages.

Puppies can enjoy tucking into both our delicious sausages and cold pressed dry food.

Both ranges are nutritionally balanced for the needs of young dogs, so all you need to do is fill up their bowl and their tummy.

2) Higher in Meat

The most digestible and important part of any dog diet is the meat. Our canine companions need a food that caters to their natural needs.

Whilst some more modern chub dog food has had a slight increase in meat content, many use cheaper lower quality meat sources such as animal derivatives.

Every one of our tasty sausages is made with 80% meat. Using a selection of fresh free run chicken or turkey and delicious fresh duck and lamb. Alongside using fresh muscle meat from responsibly raised animals, our gourmet pate wet dog food also features a blend of ultra-nutritious organs.

Heart, liver, and lung are included to provide a source of fat-soluble vitamins, a range of amino acids and to make our sausages even more palatable.

Being higher in meat means you can feed even less to your dog. Every single mouthful is packed with nutrition and is sure to get any tail wagging.

3) Gently Cooked = More Digestible

Here at Tribal, we specialise in creating delicious dog food that is minimally processed. This ensures all our hypoallergenic and natural diets are suitable for even the most sensitive of stomachs.

Our 80% Gourmet Sausages are no exception. Unlike the high temperatures used to create traditional chub dog food, our premium wet food has been delicately steamed to lock in flavour and nutrients.

By gently cooking our Gourmet Pate Sausages, this makes them even tastier and easier to digest.


4) Grain Free and Simple Recipes

Many other chub dog foods will include cereals, derivatives, and other vague ingredients in their blends. These can be harder to digest and result in squishier and undesirable stools.

When it comes down to it, nutritious and well-balanced wet dog food requires a simple but tasty recipe. This is why our 80% Gourmet Sausage range is completely grain free and created with only three ingredients.

Meat makes the up the bulk of what you’ll find in our ultra-high-quality wet food. Alongside tasty meat and organs, we include Parsnips, Carrots and Chickpeas. These are low fat and fibre rich. Each carefully chosen vegetable is packed with vitamins and provides dogs with slow-release energy.

So, ditch the dull Chub dog food and try a Gourmet Sausage that truly suits your pooch!

Check out our testimonials to see what dogs have thought of our delectable wet food.

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