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Published date: 12 December 2023

There are many different dog diets available today and due to advances in technology many ways of processing pet food.

Cold Pressing is one way of processing which has become more available over the years. Cold Pressed foods can make a huge difference to our furry friend’s health, so what are some of the benefits of this unique and gentle cooking process?

With Cold Pressed You Feed Less

Cold Pressed foods are gently cooked, meaning more nutrients and vitamins are preserved. With Fresh Pressed™ you get maximum nutrition in every bite, ultimately resulting in feeding less in every meal.

In fact, a whole day’s worth of nutritious Fresh Pressed™ can cost less per day to feed than a cup of coffee!

*Only £1.52 a day for a 15kg dog.


More Convenient Than Raw

Some owners use raw food for the potential health benefits and to improve digestion. However, the inconvenience of this diet type can be off putting to many.

• Raw diets take more time to prepare in comparison to dry foods. These diets need to be defrosted ahead of time…

• With busy lives, it is very easy to forget to defrost raw food in time for a meal. Ultimately leading to a hungry unhappy pup who must wait even longer for their dinner.

• Raw diets take up a lot more space. Storage can be difficult and often owners will need an entire drawer for their raw food or in some cases an entire freezer!

Fresh Pressed™ is the quality of a raw diet, without the inconvenience of storing in a freezer or defrosting. Every single delicious Fresh Pressed™ pellet is packed with fresh human grade meat, and gently cooked to ensure easy digestion.

So, our pooches won’t have to wait too long for their much-anticipated dinner, plus Fresh Pressed™ is a handy food to use whilst travelling.


Ideal for Sensitive Dogs

Traditional extruded diets are cooked at high temperatures and these high temperatures lead to a loss of nutrients and the potential for these kibbles to swell in the gut.
Fresh Pressed™ being cooked at a much lower temperature, breaks down gently and evenly in the stomach, releasing nutrients slowly over time. Stopping common health complaints such as flatulence, bloating, bad breath, and less desirable stools.

Pssst: Don’t take our word for it, check out our Customer Testimonials to find out how Fresh Pressed has transformed dogs’ digestive health.

Tastier than Conventional Kibble

Fresh Pressed™ was the world’s first Cold Pressed food created with delicious and nutritious fresh meat.

The combination of the gentle cooking process, high levels of tasty fresh meat, green-lipped mussels and salmon oil make for an extremely palatable food. This makes Fresh Pressed™ a fabulous option for pickier pups.

Fresh Pressed™ can be fed as it is or when you add water can turn into a delicious paste which is perfect for use in interactive feeders such as Licki Mats and Frogg toys. For more ideas on how to make feeding our tasty food more fun, head over to our Fun Feeding Blog.

So, there you have it, the many fabulous benefits of cold-pressed dog foods. Want to ask us a question or find out more about our Fresh Pressed™ diets?

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