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Published date: 13 January 2023

Dogs deal with more frustration than pet parents realise. Particularly if our dogs are leashed, on long lines or have many restrictions at home.

Dogs have limited ways to express themselves, leading to frustration. Since your dog's nose is vital for communicating, exploring, and analysing; the solution is to give your dog a healthy outlet task with plenty of sniffing. If we don't support our dogs, they will relieve frustration through unwanted behaviours.

How do we achieve this in the MK9Plus way? With … 'The Box of Doom.' But, don’t worry there’s no ‘doom,’ involved, just good times for you and an exciting challenge for your pooch!

The 'Box of Doom' is a large box layered with towels, food, and smaller boxes filled with paper and food. You will need old towels, a large box, old gift wrap and paper packaging, tape, and a range of smaller boxes.

MK9 Dog Training Box of Doom

1. Take a large box (like your latest Tribal delivery box) to use as outer shell.

2. Cut up Tribal Gourmet sausage into small one-inch pieces. We find turkey or chicken is best for its consistency, and it gives your dog drive.

3. Put the sausage pieces in the box corners and under the flaps.

4. Pack smaller boxes with old gift wrap and sausage pieces.

5. Cover the first layer of sausage pieces and a smaller box with a towel.

6. Now keep layering until the box is full and tape up the box.

7. Now time for the fun part: give this to your dog. Here your dog can practice their natural problem-solving skills.

MK9 Dog Training Box of Doom

Remember, The Box of Doom is for your dog to express themselves and for destruction because it has no rules. This activity promotes mental stimulation and fulfilment and eliminates frustration. It is great for foraging, shredding and is a challenging outlet.

This outlet task is high-energy and mentally exhausting as it requires heavy sniffing. Fifteen minutes of sniffing is as mentally tiring as a one-hour walk and can help decrease anxiety and aggression. The senses smell and taste are extensively used, and the remaining senses are engaged in problem-solving.

A relaxed dog is less likely to be destructive or display problem behaviours. Plus, The Box of Doom is a fun mood booster and entertaining for the owner to watch. Always supervise and take this at your dog's pace. 

Written by Max at MK9Plus

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