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Published date: 13 March 2023

The answer to this question is most certainly yes. Often owners only consider joint care once their dogs get older, or when they see signs of limited movement. The difficulty is by the time your pet starts getting stiffer, they likely already have the beginnings of a joint issue.

Arthritis is a common and debilitating joint disease that causes immense discomfort in our pets. This disease affects all the structures within a joint. The cartilage gets destroyed and eventually the entire joint becomes weak, unsteady, inflamed and incredibly painful.

Unfortunately, according to statistics from Canine Arthritis Management, this disease affects 80% of dogs over 8 and potentially 35% of ALL dogs.

As joint diseases progress over time, the key is prevention rather than cure. Dogs that are provided with the proper support throughout their life, are less likely to have severe joint complaints as they age.

One of the easiest ways to get joint support into your pooch, is by feeding a diet that contains a high level of supportive supplements.

How Does Diet Support Joints?

Our Fresh Pressed™ range contains a high level of beneficial joint supplements. Each supplement aids joints in their own way and combined provide important support.


Glucosamine is essentially the glue that keeps the joint together. This supplement aids in repairing and rebuilding parts of the joint and damaged joint cartilage. Alongside this Glucosamine is part of the formation of critical lubrication within the joint.

Essentially it helps aid the fluid that nourishes all your pooches’ joint tissues.


This supplement acts as a shock absorber- much like a car bumper. Chondroitin protects joint cartilage by neutralising destructive enzymes and aids in giving joints more flexibility and mobility.

Green Lipped Mussel

These magic mussels contain natural joint care and have a fantastic anti-inflammatory effect on the joints.

Salmon Oil

This fish oil is well known for having benefits for the skin, coat, and joints. Salmon Oil contains Omega 3 & 6 fatty acids which reduce inflammation and promote a healthy glossy coat. Plus, our canine companions find the taste of salmon truly irresistible.

How Else Can I Support My Dogs Joints?

There are a few other things you can do to maintain healthy joints, alongside feeding a diet high in joint supplements.

  • Keep Dogs at Right Weight – More weight means more pressure on your dog’s joints. Keep an eye on their health by regularly weighing and take the time to measure their food properly.

Our Senior/Light diets are calorie controlled to aid in weight loss and maintenance.  If you need some more help with diets for older dogs, head over to our Senior Diet blog.

  • Avoid Stressful Movement - Repetitive movement such as getting in out of the car, running up and down stairs and jumping and twisting for balls, can be a factor in later arthritis. 

Find alternative ways to stimulate your dog, read the MK9Plus blog about making walks more fun.

  • Build Fitness – Too much exercise too soon can lead to wear on the joints. Puppies are especially vulnerable to joint trauma if exercised too vigorously.
  • Be Observant – Always keep an eye out for injuries, strains, and soreness. The quicker a problem is spotted the less chance of it impacting joints later in life. 

Check out our testimonials to see how Fresh Pressed has transformed dogs and owner’s lives. 

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