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Published date: 06 February 2023

Does it seem like your dog is getting bored on their walks? Mixing things up can be a great way to increase the stimulation and enjoyment for your furry friend.

Remember, your dog's walk is meant to be enjoyable, but even the most invigorating walks can become less engaging if they are repeatedly experienced. This can lead to a lack of exploration and engagement with the environment. It's similar to how you might feel if you had to watch the same TV show over and over again.

One solution is to go somewhere different. A field walk, for example, may be more stimulating than a walk through the woods that your dog is used to, and this is because the area is novel and, therefore, more interesting to explore.

So, the key is not always to increase the stimulation of your dog's walks but to mix up the walks and environments. This can help reduce issues such as obsessive behaviour and prey chasing.

It's important to note that routine can be detrimental to your dog's mental health. A strict, tightly-scheduled and predictable routine can cause anxiety, especially if your dog has developed any fears or phobias. When everything terrible that has ever happened to your dog occurs in the same environment, and you keep taking them there repeatedly, it can trigger fear and anxiety.

On the other hand, variety can help build confidence in your dog. By introducing change and unpredictability into their routine, you can help them feel more comfortable and relaxed. This can also make it easier to train your dog, as they won't seek out stimulation or arousal inappropriately.

So, if you want to keep your dog's walks enjoyable and engaging, try mixing things up. Go to different locations or change your route on your usual walk. It's free mental stimulation for your dog, and it will help keep them happy and healthy. Don't let boredom ruin your dog's walks – make them exciting and engaging by introducing variety.

Written by Max at MK9Plus

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