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Published date: 10 December 2021

When it comes to making Tribal’s nutritious dog food range, we’re mindful of our sustainability promise to use responsibly sourced meat and fish. But did you know, the bags for our dry food and treats are recyclable? You can take the packaging to wherever you recycle your carrier bags – at your local Pets Corner store, recycling centres or as part of your usual kerbside collection (check your local authorities recycling guides).

At Tribal, we decided against compostable paper bags due to the fact that they have a lining made from PLA which can only be composted with industrial machines, causing many bags to still end up in landfill.

We had no hesitation choosing recyclable plastic as it’s stronger, practical, and better for the environment, plus…

• Are 100% recyclable: Most pet food bags are made from layers of different plastics. Tribal’s bags are made from layers of the same type, so they’re totally recyclable.

• Have a long shelf life: Fewer products are wasted as the shelf life of recyclable plastic bags is typically 15 months.

• Are waterproof: Products don’t get ruined if they get rained on in transit.

• Don’t split easily: Ours are less likely to tear and cause spillages as they’re made with strong seams. Check out our range of complete cold pressed food for dogs, gourmet sausages and healthy treats.