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Published date: 30 June 2023

No dog owner can be without their trusty poo bags. Many pet parents find themselves with bags stuffed into every possible coat pocket.

With poo bags needed for every walk, every day, this had us considering the true environmental impact of this common pet product. Did you know 10 billion poo bags are thrown away EVERY year here in the UK? This equates to approximately 25 million bags being used every single day.

On our mission for a more sustainable way to deal with dog waste, we have partnered with the wonderful Adios Plastic. They created the world’s most environmentally friendly poo bag!

Every order throughout July, will receive a roll of Adios Poo Bags and a discount code to spend on their website. In return every Adios Plastic web customer, gets a free bag of delicious Fresh Pressed™️ AND a 20% discount code for their next Tribal order.

Finally, a way to deal with waste without impacting the planet. Adios Plastic have truly created the most sustainable and strong poo bags.


Compostable & Biodegradable

Each Adios poo bag is made from non-GMO corn-starch and is fully biodegradable and certified compostable. This means no micro plastic and it only takes around 90 days for a bag to safely breakdown in the earth. All packaging is made from FSC (Forest Stewardship Council Certified) cardboard.

However, don’t let their sustainability fool you. These bags are the thickest and toughest on the market. To test this strength, Adios Plastic used the weight of a whopping 3.5kg house brick in their poo bags…

With successful results, these bags are certainly strong enough to handle any dog waste.

Fully Customizable

As something we always carry, it makes sense for our poo bags to fully fit our needs. The Adios Poo Bags can be personalised, with several bright and bold colours to choose from. To suit every pet parent there is also the ability to choose handles, loose bags, or bags on a roll.

Every bag is quick and easy to open, perfect for any dog poo emergency.

Our Ethos

We wanted to partner with Adios Plastic as we have shared values and visions for the future. At Tribal we have a commitment to sustainability and that ethos is truly reflected in everything Adios Plastic do.

Adios Plastic are part of the 1% For the Planet network. This means a minimum of 1% from every sale goes towards cleaning up the Ocean and protecting wildlife.

Their mission is to save 1 billion plastic bags from our seas and landfills. So far, they have helped save an astonishing 22,380,780!

Adios Plastic is also a certified B-Corporation, which means a company that is committed to bettering the world around them. They are transparent in all their business practices and have been verified independently to meet high sustainability and environmental performance standards.

Adios Plastic is truly driving positive change and making a real difference to people, pets, and the planet.

Adios Plastic have sold over 20 million poo bags since their development in 2018. For such a small company, with only 5 employees, they have already done so much for dog owners and to support the planet. Here is to a future free from damaging plastic poo bags.


Let us know how you and your pooches get on with your new sustainable poo bags over on FacebookInstagram and TikTok.