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Published date: 12 December 2022

Christmas is nearly upon us and with the festive season comes lots of treats. Many of us will indulge in chocolate, mince pies and perhaps a tipple or two during the holiday.

Of course, we all want to treat our canine companions to something extra special too. Unfortunately, a common cause of sickness during the season is giving our pets unhealthy and inappropriate food. Some turkey and trimmings can easily trigger a stomach upset, especially if your dog is rarely given human food.

However, we understand the need to spoil your furry friend a little (or a lot!) over the festive period, so we have prepared a simple guide to creating the perfect healthy Christmas treat.

All you need is your pups favourite Fresh Pressed™ and Rewards Treats, a big glass jar or container and some festive moulds (although ice cube trays work too).

Step 1:

Pour Fresh Pressed™ into your glass container or jar. The more mixture the more treats so make as much or as little as you and your pooch prefer.

Step 2:

Boil the kettle or heat up water in a pan, leave to cool slightly and add warm water to the jar. The ratio should be around 1-part pellets to 1.5 parts water.  Let this sit for 10 or so minutes then give it a thoroughly good stir!

Step 3:

Pour or spoon the mixture into your chosen mould, crunch up some Rewards treats and give a generous sprinkle on top of each.

Step 4:

Place the moulds into your freezer and leave for a couple of hours. This step certainly requires some patience from your pup…

Step 5:

Remove the easy homemade Christmas treats and let your dog get stuck in! Ideal treats to use as a healthy but delicious distraction for when you are getting stuck into your own Christmas Dinner.

We hope you and all your furry friends have a wonderful Christmas. Get in touch on Facebook, Instagram or email and show us the magic moulds you make.