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Published date: 03 November 2022

With a chill in the air, and us putting on our cosy coats, Autumn is officially here.

Autumn is a beautiful time of the year, and the colours make for especially scenic dog walks. However, with the beauty comes a few dangers, so here are some tips to keep your pooch happy and safe.


Avoid the Acorns

The appearance of both Acorns and Conkers, really does symbol the end of summer. Playing with these was a fun childhood game for most of us, but did you know they are poisonous to dogs?

Common signs of poisoning would be lethargy, vomiting, diarrhoea, and bad abdominal pain. If you suspect your furry friend has swallowed an oak acorn or a conker, it is essential to take them to the vet immediately. Always keep a close eye on these in your garden and the areas you walk your dogs.

Psst: take their mind off munching on bits in the woods by giving them a tasty AND nutritious treat.


Protect their Joints

As the weather gets cooler, there is more chance of strain and stress on the joints. Cold seizes up joints and can make movement stiff and sore, especially for older dogs.

The key is to keep your furry friend out of cold draughts and environments, wrap up warm on walks and most importantly use preventative ingredients.

Our Fresh Pressed™ range contains the supplements Glucosamine, Chondroitin Sulphate and ultra-tasty Green Lipped Mussel. This supportive joint care blend aids in protecting and rebuilding cartilage, soothing the joint and reducing inflammation.

Having a daily dose of protective joint care in your dog’s dinner does wonders in keeping them feeling fit, healthy, and full of their usual bounce.

Autumn Walking


Be Prepared for Fireworks

Fireworks can be extremely stressful for both pets and their owners. Did you know approximately 45% of dogs are fearful of fireworks?

The loud and unpredictable noises can be a huge source of anxiety for our furry friends but the key to reducing this stress is to be prepared for the season.

Supportive calming products and treats are essential for taking the edge off and providing that continuing source of reassurance.  It is also important to give your dog a safe cosy den or space somewhere in the house to get away from the noise.

For a nice distraction why not check out our Fun Feeding blog for some ideas on how keep your pooch safely occupied.


Hide the Halloween Chocolate

Whether you are saving all the sweet treats for yourself, or for those witches, ghosts and goblins that knock on your door, remember to keep all sugary snacks away from your canine companion.

Chocolate is extremely toxic to dogs and unfortunately poisoning is now becoming common around Halloween. Chocolate contains a compound called Theobromine which our pets are unable to digest and metabolise properly, resulting in potentially life-threatening toxicity.

Keep all your chocolate treats locked up or safely hidden in your stomach…


We hope everyone has a very spooky but safe Autumn, to share your own tips tag us on Facebook and Instagram.

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