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Published date: 26 November 2021

When it gets to chilly autumn nights, sausages are a firm favourite with humans, whether it’s classic bangers and mash, comforting casseroles or toad in the hole – but did you know Tribal makes gourmet sausages for dogs?

Bursting with natural goodness, there are six delicious varieties to choose – white fish, turkey, salmon, lamb, duck and chicken – in our Tribal 80% range. Each recipe is gently cooked to create a chunky, irresistible banger that’s made with 80% fresh meat or fish, plus chickpeas and carrots or parsnips.

With only three simple, yet high-quality ingredients, these super-premium sausages are easy to digest for dogs who have sensitive tummies or allergies.

Each sausage contains 80% fresh meat, responsibly raised on British farms, or fish that’s sustainably sourced from the Atlantic Ocean; 6.5 % chickpeas instead of grain for a great source of low-fat fibre and slow-release energy; and 4% carrots or parsnips for fibre, essential vitamins, minerals and antioxidants to help support immune system function.

As a complete wet food, our sausages can be fed on their own or served with our Fresh Pressed™ dishes, and are suitable for dogs and puppies at all life stages. So now, there’s even more reason to celebrate the great British banger!

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