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Published date: 25 March 2022

When a puppy joins your family, it is truly an exciting and heart-warming time. Being able to watch them grow and discover the world is such a joy. We know, however, that it’s not always easy looking after puppies. From the occasional accident indoors to the dreaded teething stage, there is much to contend with.

Being a new puppy owner, knowing what to feed your furry friend and how much to give them, can be a daunting part of the process. We understand that sometimes you just need a bit of advice to guide you in the right direction. So, to help set you off on the right paw, here are our top puppy feeding tips.


How much should I feed my Puppy?

This is a common area of stress for many owners. All foods will supply a feeding guideline, however as all dogs are individuals the amounts needed can vary.

Our advice is to keep a close eye on your puppies’ weight and body condition. By getting hands-on and looking closely at your pooch, you can easily see if you are giving too much or too little.

Body scoring is simple and so effective. Firstly, look at your pup from above, their waist should tuck in at the sides, just behind the hips.

Secondly, peek at your pup from the side, you should see a gentle upward slope to their tummy.

Lastly, rub your hands down your puppies’ sides, you shouldn’t be able to see ribs, however, you should be able to lightly feel them! By weighing regularly alongside this you should see a healthy and steady increase of weight across their growth stages.


How often should I feed my Puppy?

Certainly, if it was down to your puppy, they would have a never-ending supply of food and treats!

Puppies grow quickly over a short space of time, so regular meals are important. Ideally, puppies should be fed around 3 meals a day during the first few months, as they near adulthood this can be reduced.

Routine when feeding is important for pups and can help cement good toileting behaviours. Ultimately the better you are at anticipating their need to do their business, the easier it is to guide them to the appropriate place!


What should I feed my Puppy?

Puppies need lots of meat, calcium for strong bones and a diet that is super tasty and digestible. Tribal Cold Pressed Chicken for Puppies has been created to provide the perfect natural nourishment for those little mouths and is suitable for all breeds including large breed puppies.

Our unique Fresh Pressed™️ cooking process enables us to create an incredibly gentle diet using Fresh Free-Run Chicken. This gives puppies the protein they need to build their muscles and is easy to digest.

The added Chicken Fat and Whole Egg provides pups with an abundance of healthy fat, vitamins, and minerals. We know puppies can suffer with delicate tummies, so have added a dose of prebiotic fibre (FOS) to help aid your pup’s digestive health and support their immune system.

Some owners prefer feeding a combination of wet and dry diet. Our meat-based Gourmet Sausages are simple three-ingredient recipes that provide easy and excellent nourishment, to puppies and adults alike. These super sausages are gently steamed and packed with meat, to provide the perfect accompaniment to their breakfast, lunch and dinner. Simply slice and serve!


We love helping owners and filling up the bowls of precious pups around the UK. Check out our testimonials from pooches of every age and size!

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