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Published date: 12 August 2022

Summer is finally in full swing and with the warmer weather comes the promise of a truly memorable trip. Nothing beats a road trip with your pooch, but it is always best to be fully prepared for all the excitement that awaits you.

To help get your adventure off to a great start here are our top tips for travelling with your dog: 


Keep Calm in the Car

Some dogs can get stressed while travelling by car and any dog can feel a bit anxious on a longer journey.  Best to stock up on calming products and treats, make plenty of stops and of course ensure they are secured well. 

Our Tribal treats are super tasty and the soothing botanicals will help keep your dog feeling relaxed. 

Who knows they may be so chilled, they may even have a little snooze in the car.


Keep Vet Details Handy

Whether you are staying in a dog friendly cottage or camping out with your canine, do some research on local veterinary practises before you leave. 

Keeping local vet contact details handy can be so helpful, as you cannot rely on being able to search while you are out exploring. 

Make a note of local vets to you and emergency numbers and keep these written down on your mobile AND on paper. Mobiles get lost or broken so going old school with pen and paper can make it easier for you. 


Keep Hydrated

We may love to bask in the sun, but our dogs get overheated easily. Always avoid walking on the hottest days or parts of the day. 

Keep fresh water with you all the time to ensure they remain hydrated, plus don’t forget a bottle for yourself too. 

If you get time to prepare beforehand and you have somewhere to store, why not check out our previous blog and make your pooch a delicious refreshing treat.


Keep Tag Details up to Date

Ensure your dog’s ID tag and microchip are up to date before you set off on your journey. If your furry friend is to get lost chasing a squirrel having a tag can make finding them much easier. 


Keep up their Routine 

Dogs thrive on routine, so wherever the adventure takes you, try to create a home from home. Sticking to routine and keeping things familiar can really help your furry friend settle into their new surroundings. 

Dogs explore the world with their nose, so comforting scent is important. Bring along their well-loved toy, comfiest bed and of course their tastiest food to ease them into the holiday spirit. 


Let us know what adventures you and your Tribe get up to this summer. Tag us on Facebook and Instagram.

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