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Published date: 27 June 2022

Did you know that dogs get bored without enough mental stimulation? So, try these fun ideas with our grain-free dog food and hand-baked treats to make mealtimes exciting!


Make them a frozen treat

Made with our irresistible gourmet sausage, packed with 80% fresh meat or fish, this frozen treat is great for cooling your dog down on a hot day.

1. Mash up your dog’s favourite 80% Tribal gourmet sausage.

2. Generously smear some into an interactive treat toy or an old ice-cube tray.

3. Pop in the freezer until frozen.

4. Let your furry friend enjoy it!


Scatter their food

Throw some handfuls of Fresh Pressed™ around your house, or out in the garden when the weather’s nice. Doing so will keep your pooch’s brain active while they’re having fun sniffing out the delicious biscuits.

Dogs have powerful noses that they use to search for food and dropped titbits (and squirrel trails and socks!) so scatter feeding is a good way to harness their natural instincts and tire them out.   


Turn kitchen items into puzzle feeders

Keeping your dog entertained doesn’t have to break the bank. Got an old muffin tray? Or an old cereal box? They make fantastic puzzle feeders for your dog. 

Muffin trays: Mash up some 80% Tribal gourmet sausage, then flip a muffin tray over and smear a dollop in the grooves on the bottom. You could even sprinkle some Rewards treats in the spaces in between!

Old cereal boxes: Simply fill up a box with some of their favourite Tribal food, then let your dog tear through the packaging to find it. Want to make things more challenging? Put the box inside a box, and perhaps another box.


We’d love to hear how you keep your tribe entertained with our food. Tag us on Facebook and Instagram to let us know.

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