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Published date: 18 January 2023

It’s finally January and with it comes lots of resolutions, some of which will certainly be broken. We believe that truly the best (and most successful) resolutions are the ones we make for our pets.

Our goal for this year is to give owners more fun ways of feeding their dogs, with all our delicious grain-free foods. Mixing up dinner time for your pooch has endless benefits and it’s the perfect way to prevent boredom and kickstart the year.

Use Interactive Toys

Fresh Pressed™ and Frogg interactive toys make a brilliant enriching combination. These can be smeared and stuffed to entice dogs’ noses and provide a more entertaining dinnertime. To make the tasty filling, pour your pups favourite flavour into a glass container, tip in warm water (1-part pellets to 1.5 parts water) and mix it all up to get the desired thickness. Once you have your paste, it is time to get smearing inside your Frogg or other toy.

Easy Feeding Mat Recipe

Feeding mats are versatile, create fun ways to engage with dogs’ senses and are a handy tool in keeping dogs mentally and physically healthier. To make dinner more interesting take your dog’s favourite 80% Gourmet Sausage and mash it into your chosen mat. For some added crunchy deliciousness, try adding a sprinkle of Rewards on top.

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Try Scatter Feeding

This is a tried and tested classic. The wonderful thing about scatter feeding is it can be done with their already much-loved food. It is easy throughout winter to avoid outdoor games due to the wet windy weather. However, most of our dogs are keen to get outside and explore regardless of rain or shine, so don’t let a few showers put you off.

Grab a handful of their Fresh Pressed™ and throw it in the garden or in your kitchen/ living area. Simply making the switch from boring bowl to a fun five-minute hunt for kibble can make a big difference to their mental wellbeing.

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We would love to hear about any resolutions you have for your furry friend this year. Tag us on Facebook and Instagram to let us know.

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