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Published date: 03 May 2023

Many dogs suffer with sensitive tummies, with symptoms such as looser stools and flatulence. Having a canine companion with a sensitive stomach can feel difficult to manage and often be frustrating.

To help you and your pooch out, here are some top tips to help keep their gut feeling great.


1)    Hide the Human Food!

Giving tiny bits of cheese and an occasional slice of ham can seem harmless enough. However, for our delicate dogs these titbits can easily cause havoc.

To help reduce tummy upsets, keep your dog far away from tempting human food. Some dogs have a habit of sniffing out dropped ingredients from dinner and will happily dig into the bin to pick out any peelings or waste.

If your dog loves to stick their snoot into everything, keep them out of the kitchen during cooking and try distracting them. Perhaps the perfect time to try creating a Dog Enrichment Puzzle?

Instead of offering your dog unhealthy human food, instead always stick to healthy but delicious treats such as Tribal Rewards. These are baked and made with simple easy to digest ingredients such as ginger, coconut oil and mint.


2)    Slow Down Dinnertime

Many dogs will inhale food, rather than take the time to crunch and savour the flavour.

Guzzling down food can lead to bloating, flatulence, looser stools and make those predisposed to sensitive stomachs more likely to suffer.

Instead of using a boring bowl, try using interactive feeding toys, such as Frogg. These toys can be stuffed and smeared with your dog’s dinner, to slow them down, support their oral health and provide wonderful mental enrichment.

There is certainly a reason why the phrase ‘wolf it down’ exists. Many of our dogs if faced with a big full bowl of food, will choose to swallow down everything. This can result in sickness, diarrhoea, and uncomfortable swelling.

So, another way to reduce stomach upsets is to feed smaller and more frequent meals, spread throughout the day.

Want some inspiration on how to make dinnertime more exciting for your dog?

Check out our previous blog on making your dog’s meals more fun.


3)    Go Cold Pressed!

Did you know extruded foods can swell in your dogs’ gut? The high heat used to create traditional pet food, can destroy valuable nutrition, and make it hard for kibbles to break down properly. This can lead to bloated bellies and bowel issues!

Giving your pooch a gentle easy to digest dinner will greatly reduce those dodgy stools and bad smells. Fresh Pressed™️ is designed for those dogs who suffer from stomach sensitivities.

This range is made using Cold Pressed technology which means the mixture is cooked gently at a much lower temperature than standard foods. This keeps nutrients (and that all important flavour) intact and means the pellets will break down easily in the gut. Leading to a healthy digestive system and of course a very happy dog.

Check out our testimonials, for some heart-warming stories on how our Fresh Pressed™ range has made such a difference to dogs and owners’ lives.


So, there you have it, some top tips for reducing those tummy troubles.

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